Indian peaceniks aim to refresh brotherhood spirit with Pakistanis
Feb 23rd, 2009 | By Sindh Today | Category: India
Wagah border (Amritsar), Feb.27 (ANI):
While diplomatic circles in India and Pakistan are engaged in formally getting the suspended composite dialogue back on track, peaceniks of both countries are doing their bit to remind one and all that peace and brotherhood are key to an improved future.
Noted peacenik and journalist Kuldip Nayyar has once again attempted to break the logjam on confidence building measures.
Nayyar is leading a 14-member Indian delegation that included artistes, activists, academicians and journalists. The delegation will aim to send a brotherly message and seek in earnest to apply balm to wounds that have surfaced post 26/11.
The other members of the delegation are film director Mahesh Bhatt, social activist Swami Agnivesh and historian Salman Haider.
Highlighting why peace is most important for this region for the happiness and prosperity of people in this region, the delegation would urge Pakistan authorities not to allow use of their soil for terror activities.
‘The main aim of the delegation is to make the civil society strong. And we will ask the Pakistani authorities, whom we meet to not to allow their soil be used for violence and also urge that the perpetrators should be punished,’ said Kuldeep Nayyar.
Bhatt said that India and Pakistan peace dialogue should not reach a point of no-return.
‘We should not reach to a point of status quo. We will have to find a new way out. It was really bad to what had happened for us in Mumbai and Pakistan should move ten steps ahead and take action on the people who are responsible. And they should win hearts of the Indians,’ said Mahesh Bhatt.
Asma Jahangir, the United Nations Special Representative on Freedom of Religion or Belief and Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, received the peace delegation, which is to return to India on February 26.
Asma said that the two countries could not move ahead until they understand each other.
‘We know that the relations between the two countries are not and have not been good. There have been tensions between them. The message is that we cannot move forward until we understand conditions and problems of each other,’ said Asma Jahangir. (ANI)

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