Friday, March 24, 2009


Bhai Salo was a “Sewak”(in service of the Guru) of Guru Arjan Dev.
His duty was to collect wood from the jungle for ‘Langar’ (Community Kitchen).
Once in the early morning hours while returning from the jungle he falls into the deep well. The news spreads like wildfire and Guru Arjan dev and others reached the well.

A Rope is thrown inside the well to help Bhai Salo to come out. But Bhai Salo first tied the wood which he collected from the jungle and afterwards helped himself to come out of the deep well with the help of the rope.

He was asked why he first tied wood instead of helping himself to come out, Bhai Salo replied –

SEVA- or Service towards community –is the most important. On hearing this, he was blessed by Guru Arjan Dev.
The Guru declared to devotees that whoever visits his place, has to visit Bhai Salo’s Place for fulfillment of his ‘pilgrimage’. The Guru also is known to have said that wishes of prosperity in family would be fulfilled of whosoever visits the place of Bhai Salo to offer prayers.
It is popularly believed that if a holy dip is taken on ‘five’ Sundays consecutively in the holy pond at Gurdwara Bhai Salo, the wishes of the person are fulfilled. Sunday is also fixed for ‘Langar’. Close to Kesar Dhaba the Gurdwara is a must visit if touring Amritsar.

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