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Lahore, the ancient, magnificent city is a wonder of sorts. It has braved the vicissitudes of history, the upheavals of pre-historic and modern times and above all it continues to shine despite the negligence of its current residents and administrators.
This blog will post stories of Lahore – its past, present and visions for its future in the vain hope that there are some who will read and think and then act…
-Raza Rumi

Amritsar –the city of the Gurus is a classic example of traditions, unparalleled cultural and visual heritage despite it being in left to fend for itself by successive powers. It is the 6th most visited place among the World heritages sites and its people –the most hospitable. The caste and religious divides thrust upon its people have hardly had any permanent impact despite the tumultuous 80s of terrorism faced by it .
Having a chequered history, the city has borne the brunt of divisionary politics yet its people fought to remain united and choose to live in multi-cultural harmony. Neither politicians nor others have had the vision to tap its great potential in terms of heritage extraordinaire, its medical facilities, as an international gateway to trade or even its rare culinary delights. Many a times it lost out to nonentity regions owing to its geographical position. There would be no effort spared IN this blog to explore the city’s hidden crevices and popular namesakes, its beauty and its dirt along with its rich history, traditions, culture, and its people …
-Rashmi Talwar

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