“German expert” takes workshop with Special children

  DAV Red Cross School for Special ChildrenBy Rashmi Talwar

“It was amazing to watch Christa Drack   a – ‘hearing impaired’, form an immediate rapport with the students of DAV Red Cross School for physically and mentally challenged . The faculty and students formed an instant bond that gave a remarkable start to the workshop conducted by Drack.Christa Drack looks on as principal Neera Sharma tries to comminicate with a special child

 The DAV management had invited

Drack, a German expert working with “Senior Experten Service” (SES) a non-government organization of Germany, funded and supported by the German Government and Economic community of the country, for ulitilizing lifelong experience of retired experts for benefits in developing countries. 
                                      Drack, a special educator with more than 40 years experience, as a specialist teacher for people with special needs, in the field of imparting education to mentally and physically disabled persons,  was introduced by DAV Public School principal Mrs Neera Sharma along with Mr Arun Khanna, local office bearer of Global Institute for Child Disability and Ms Simi Luthra, DAV School teacher on deputation as supervisor to the school. 
The German  who has worked as Team Leader is Kindergartens for Children and Educational establishments, could count on her huge  experience as she smoothly led the children to understand  and innovate during a “drawing” workshop session, in the local school. 
Having vast expertise in rehabilitation of disabled persons into mainstream of society by teaching, home economics, working with Clay/Fabrics and working for their training to get jobs, Ms Drack became an instant hit with the school faculty of DAV Red Cross School, who listened to her in rapt attention, as she gave them useful tips on tackling complex situations with such children. 
The German, whose work involves sharing of expert knowledge with the teachers, training- based on latest techniques in Germany, helped teachers here understand how to make best use of this knowledge among special children . She taught them ways by which they could draw attention of children in larger measure than the conventional teaching methods employed to make lessons and activities more interesting and interactive. 
Mrs. Christa Drack has earlier performed successful assignments at various schools for mentally disabled persons based at Shimla, Trivandrum and Pune.


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