Why did Navjot Sidhu climb up an elephant to file his nomination papers for elections ??????????

There are some humorous replies to the question in my facebook account 

Haathi Merey Saathi :Navjot Sidhu

Haathi Merey Saathi :Navjot Sidhu

so i  included all those in this post

Vikram Uppal at 6:05pm April

his image was getting jittery

Lavi Behl at 8:01pm April

probably all other animals were on a strike…..lol
 Mamta Jain at 8:58pm April
because a donkey cant sit on a donkey
 Alisha Talwar at 10:23pm April
cuz he was scared 2 get a chappal on his face!!!..lololololol..
Rashmi Talwar at 4:13pm
me thinks he was upstaging the maharaja and his army of soni et all
Rashmi Talwar at 4:15pm April 24

me also thinks there is still some humour left in the world …wat say navjot Sidhu of phookat laughter challenge ….non-laughable he will still laugh …lol

One response to this post.

  1. Because..An elephant is required to carry an elephant in politics..



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