Amritsar :”Tamashas” mark MP election-2009 in Holy City

Kon Kispe Kaanchi Chla Raha Hai ??

Kon Kispe Kaanchi Chla Raha Hai ??

:”Tamashbeeni” Amritsar Ishtyle !

Hey everyone …our Rajiv Sharma the talented newsreporter for Star Plus TV Channel has coined a beautiful Punjabi “tappa” . he pasted the comment in an entirely unrelated article to Election –2009 . However having powers of “extraction” I have posted his little piece . The little genius entertainer was a ‘shaan’ of our Tribune office in Amritsar.


By Rajiv Sharma

AA gayian votan, te lag gaye jhande….
Votan ch kharhe hoge sare gande bande….
Ajj votan lain layi, dinde ne sharab te mithayiyan..
kal ehna to hak len layi, khane pain ge police de dande….


poem by Rashmi Talwar

Sansadi chunav ke mahaul mein,
Jutton ki bauchar mein,
Naresh bhadhoria ne jutte mangvaay,
Pehna haar jutton ka,
Bola votron ko lootonga,
Meine kaha , jutti chor hoga
Kia sansad mein bhi, chori kare ga.

Fir aye Sham lal, Gandhi topi wale
Kettli haath mein, chai, chai pukare
Meiney bola, rail garri mein ja
Varna, sansad mein chai pila

Bal krishan ki ayi bari,
Lagane laga chappati karrari,
Haath pe pani fer ke, allu bhari
Bola security se , bhai pakrao gaddi niyari
Us par lagonga kulcha
Aur voteron pe makhan
sab ka maal khau ga
dunga sab ko dhakkan

haathi pe aya navjot sidhu
kiia capt ko sat sri akal
logon ne uthaya bawal
haathi pe beth kio kare, sat sri akal
meiney kaha ,bhejo issi circus mein
ya shaadi ke koi pandal


6 responses to this post.

  1. They are dreaming to be our representatives in the Indian Parliament.

    Are they really the ones we want ? Find out …



  2. Rashmi.. Good poem. I did’nt know u wr a poet too. What a great combination. writer and a poet ! Rashmi.. Be the change u want to see.. Come on.. Join politics. You hv to jump in a dirt with a broom to clean it..



  3. maybe what u say vaneet ji may come true ….who knows wat mysteries time holds for u



  4. Posted by lavi on May 2, 2009 at 5:57 AM

    very nice poem by u rashmi….
    i dont think any of us are ready for these bunch of jokers as our representatives….no no no



  5. Rashmi, first step has to be taken to cover 1000 miles. This is my favourite line.. I think time has come, that we educated people do something concrete on the ground..Trying to find out what ? Any suggestions ?



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