PM’s childhood friend in Pak no more


AMRITSAR SEPT 23——–Raja Mohammed Ali (78) childhood friend of Prime Minister of India Dr Manmohan Singh from ancestral Gah village of PM died last night . Rashmi Talwar a writer was informed about the sad demise by the grand daughter of Raja Mohammed Ali Asifa Azkar and grandson Raja Asad Ali via phone from Pakistan .

They described the loss as “we feel empty without our grandfather”. Raja ji suffered a massive heart attack last night which took his life. His Janaza was offered in the evening today. The Prime Minister’s office has been informed about the demise of the friend of the PM who had studied till class 4th with the PM in the village school. Raja’s ardent wish was to meet his friend -the Indian PM and two years back in year 2008 , he came to India via Wagah Indo –Pak Border in Amritsar and was hosted

PM Dr Manmohan Singh's Pak friend no more

by DAV Public School headed by its Principal Mrs Neera Sharma . Thereafter he met the PM in Delhi and was covered by the world media as one of those unforgettable moments in history when the Indian PM met his Pakistani classmate. Rashmi Talwar along with Mr Joginder Kohli -who too had studied with Raja ji as well as with the PM expressed their deepest condolence to the aggrieved family of Raja ji on the sad demise . Raja ji had brought the soil and water of the PM ‘s house and of their school for the PM . He had also presented the PM with their village chakwali Jutti (footwear) besides had given the PM a 150-year old silk shawl (lachcha ) made by his own grandparents. The meeting in delhi was an emotional bonding between two long lost childhood friends– one a farmer (Raja Mohd Ali , Pakistan ) and the other a Prime Minister (Dr Manmohan Singh, India )


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