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Who needs ‘GPS Tags’!—- By Rashmi Talwar

Who needs ‘GPS Tags’!—-

By Rashmi Talwar

An enthusiastic new teacher came to a rowdy class. From the gist of the animated discussion she gathered the students’ fraternity taking umbrage to the recent ‘Radio (GPS) tagging’ of Indian students in USA. This ignited the idea of evoking ‘creative thinking’ in students.

Teacher remarked that being thus ‘collared’ was humiliating and worse were the remarks by Juliet Wur, at US Consulate, Hyderabad, who called tagging ‘Hip and Happening’ . Quickly side-Stepping the ignominy of the tags, she shot a question to the class, ‘How can we have other uses of ‘Radio Tags’?
The class pounced on the keywords and Pat came a reply by Mini,-‘Convicts’! ‘
We all know that’. The students booed !
Another said, ‘dogs and cats!’
‘Good!’ Commented, the teacher, lifting the spirit quotient.
‘Come on Smarties! Use your grey cells!’, she prodded.
‘Mountaineers !’ One shouted. ‘Hey! That’s a good one!’
‘Great Anuj ’
‘Deep sea Explorers and ones who go for Antarctic Exploration ’
‘Yea’! ‘Alright’ …’Give me more’
Mini got up, scratching her head and blurted out ‘Accused!’.
The class broke into guffaws.
Her bench-mate pulled her down. ‘Sit, you already said that and we all know it’.
But Mini stood her ground. ‘There is a difference between a ‘convict’ and an ‘accused’, she stated.
And continued …’the tags could come handy for ‘accused’ ‘A Raja- the (2G Scamster)’.
The class turned ‘super-attentive’ and seemed to be rubbing their hands in glee and thinking, ‘Abb Maza Ayega !’ .
Though wanting to keep politics and dirty issues out of classrooms, the teacher was in sync with the student’s interest. ‘Ok!’…Her next ‘More’ – did the trick.
‘Kalmadi- The CWG’s shame!’
‘Quattrochi’! – Bofor’s kickback!’
‘R Raju ! – dirt guy of Satyam Computers’
‘Laloo – the chara ghotala king !’
‘Telgi-duplicate stamp papers badshah !’
‘Lalit Modi , Shashi Tharoor- IPL fiasco’
‘Madhu Gupta-Spy Thriller !’
‘Ashok Chavan- martyr housing ‘Adarsh’ Scam’
‘Mayavati –Statuesque queen !’
‘Sharad Pawar—Onion hoarder !’
‘Nira Radia- The fixer lobby’
‘Badal and Son Pvt Ltd!’
‘Hasan Ali Khan -salting away $8.5bn in Swiss Banks !
There was no stopping them now – ‘radio tag’ for Rahul Gandhi –don’t know where he sleeps most nights , kalavati’s Hut or 10, Janpath ? ND Tiwari turning 90, but still can’t be found at home.
With these bombastic names came a squeak-‘Maids and servants’ !. They laughed. The topic took a new turn ..What if the tags were more aesthetic? The teacher asked.
Students jumped –‘They should be like little colored buttons!’. They could be fitted in bracelets with a crust of sarvoskis crystals that a BF can gift to his GF to keep track of her. Pendants, hair clips, rings and encrusted in boyish symbols of skull for wrist bands. New models of I-pods, mobiles, tablets..the list went on and on .
Till one boy pointed out …Government should issue a new Rs 10 lakh note with a GPS chip to track where the money went …Afterall it is the money we need to track to make the ‘accused’ into a ‘convict’.

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