& I thot I knew why!!————-by Dinn

This ‘innocent’ poem was penned by Dinn, who faced an onslaught of claws from his female fans , each one competiting 2 be the ‘muse’ …tried to scratch him raw about the new gal in his lyf…but innocent as Dinn is ..he jus used a ‘Pakkhi’ (hand-fan) and shooed the flies away ! Keeping the secret deep down in his sooooooo smitten heart …

& I thot I knew why!!————-by Dinn

” Unaware of the impact
of hair losely tucked behind the ears
All that this dummy noticed
was a smile which others too will say, endears

Trusting the smile to cement the ties
I loved too, the highlight of those shining doe(ey) eyes
with a lot of help from the subtle twitch of the nose
naughty enough to draw you up-close

Despite the high cheek bones and deftly painted nails
Gleaming teeth, the elegance, the eyes and all other details
I still do not undertand THIS work of art
Bcos finally, I lost mine…. to her ‘crafted-for-compassion’ heart”

5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Dinesh Sibal on February 17, 2011 at 1:16 PM

    You are kind.
    And I thank you for your appreciative motivation.
    I hope to charm your readers with more such work, with due permisiion from my Muse!!!



  2. Thks @Dino ji for visiting this blog …and i hope we can add much more to it …of course wid permission from ur muse …



  3. ‎@Dino
    U startd a trend alright
    Now each 1 is sheddin her pride
    Loosely tucking her hair behind her ears
    N pasting a smile from ear 2 ear
    Upward slant highlights
    The high cheek bloosoms
    She paints her nails
    In Pearl Lights
    eyes sofen wid a a look so bright
    My god she is gonna catch sumone’s eyes
    Heart beats n adds a glow
    Oh My Darling , Please go Slow



    • Posted by Dinesh Sibal on February 19, 2011 at 1:29 AM

      It so exquisite that I think this one shud be the main poem and mine a mere reply.
      Saanjh, Am mighty impressed.




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