Daughters ‘unsafe’ in womb and outside — By RASHMI TALWAR–Rising Kashmir RK

Gang Rape



Like a fight, lost … like a pride, lost … like shame, lost…like a life, lost ..

Thus, started my morning, splashed in dark hues, over the news of death of the 23-year old Delhi Gang Rape victim.

It made me think of hundreds and thousands of women who faced similar rapist brutes and lived or died, deeply scarred, viciously violated in both body and soul. I also think of so many who hid this heinous outrage to suffer silently and picked up the pieces of their shattered souls.

Today ‘black dots’ replaced profile pictures all over twitter as a mark of protest and mourning . Each Indian is shamed, angry and as Tavleen Singh, a noted columnist wrote, “In a real sense, India died a thousand deaths today. In her death, she lives and in her death, India lives with shame.”

Anupam Kher actor, taunted and redefined the “Incredible India” slogan with a scathing take on female foeticide and rape – “Incredible India: A Nation where Daughters are neither safe inside Womb nor Outside.” Calling upon the Nation for a Revolution, to boycott the forthcoming Republic Day Celebrations in protest. He wrote “Let the PM & the President address vacant spaces & buildings. They don’t want our presence now , let us be absent when it matters most. Let them get a taste of our disgust.”

Each took on different expression following this heinous tragedy. Vivek Mehra, a resident of Amritsar shared his feelings –“ Jitna bhi rokoon khud ko; aaj har pal bekhud;, palkein nam, nam; ankhein sharm, sharm..”(No matter, how much I try to stop myself today; each moment involuntarily; my lashes turn moist, my eyes turn shamed).

While Chief Minister of Jammu& Kashmir wrote on twitter ‘Rest in Peace brave one..’ People in Jammu& Kashmir are anxiously awaiting the outcome of the recent Jammu gang rape case.

Actor Abhishek Bachchan, a father whose daughter just celebrated her first birthday, displayed his abhorrence for the declining values of the country and wrote –“This is not the country I grew up in as a child, this is not the country, I want my daughter to know whilst she grows up! Ayesha Takia Azmi, host for TV reality show ‘Surshetr’ as a new parent endorsed “We parents have to take much more responsibility, in bringing up our children.”

Sagarika Ghose a columnist and TV anchor quoted Shakespeare –“Thou art more deep damn’d than Lucifer, there is not yet so ugly a fiend of Hell, thou that didst kill this child.”

Barkha Dutt, TV journalist reporting on situation in the capital said –“5000 security personnel deployed in & around India Gate to keep protesters away. Will GOI ever deploy as many to keep women safe?” To which, Shujaat Bukhari Editor of Rising Kashmir, a noted daily, retorted ‘Delhi becomes Kashmir’.

But there were others who rose to the situation and looked for solutions especially women. Actress Gul Panag, perturbed over mere hollow words stated “Enough said. Time, for action. We’re compiling a database of people, with their numbers/cities to help any lady in need.”

Her call aroused a lot of men, to post their numbers on social networking sites promising help to woman in distress in their areas. I call such a solution oriented action, a move forward, a gutsy route.

Following the Delhi case I had posted-“U board a PUBLIC transport! Take that Pepper Spray in one hand till you reach your destination.” Several responded – Davinder Paul Singh shot back “Time has come to take a little law ( & a pepper spray ) in hand”.

Keith Nathan Albrecht, from NY, who was a Taxi driver for 10 years shared –“ I carry a sharp tongue and an attitude, to avoid the victim syndrome.” Aditi Tandon, a senior journalist in Delhi wrote back –“Pepper spray? Are you joking or something? There are animals on the loose with iron rods in their hands. What will your spray do?” I answered, “Pepper spray is a deterrent, let us not advocate gun licensing after the Newtown massacre in US.” Keith seconded me with her take “It is hard for someone , if you immobilize them with a pepper spray in the eyes -that has a wide dispersal application.” And added –“It’s a deterrent not an execution!”

While Kunal Kapoor asked –“People across the country have risen, do our politicians have the will to rise, or are they still hoping, ‘this too shall pass..’”.
As an Indian, I demand- “If Political parties are so sincere, let them first put all those leaders on trial, who face rape charges. Let the accused re-enter the party only after being acquitted. Let us see which party takes a lead” …Calling ! –BJP, Congress, SAD, SP, BSP & others!


5 responses to this post.

  1. The feeling that our women folk (mothers, sisters, wives & daughters) are not safe in this virtual jungle, is over-powering. It’s not only the Law Makers or the Police. It’s the entire Society that’s become terminally sick, as the writer brings out.

    The apologists would have us believe that this is a cultural thing, that it has developed over thousands of years. And that we should not expect results over night. This argument is totally untenable. Yes, we want results. And we want them NOW.

    Yes, we need people to speak up, to shout, to ‘hulla bol’! Every voice counts!! Let’s join Rashmi Talwar’s voice and make it into a groundswell that overthrows this demon.



  2. Dear Harry ji , I look forward to your comments . They add so much more to an idea. Sometimes I feel I should get my pieces edited from you and get additional ideas to carry forward .
    Thanks so much for this comment, it is a pleasure to read ur remarks and also to improve upon future writings . However u surprise me everytime with something aalag se … Thanks …Plz tell me the full form of (&amp)– I have been wanting to ask someone but couldnt find anyone …
    Also apne toh elan -e- gayab ko bhi manzoori de di aur FB se gazab hi ho gaye ..plz come back on FB …Care …Rashmi Talwar



  3. Posted by Harry Rakhraj on March 20, 2013 at 7:52 PM

    Dear Rashmi,
    It’s so very kind of you to say such nice things about my little comment. I feel so honoured.

    You asked about (&amp) ? It’s just another way of writing ”&” in HTML. As you know ”&” is called ‘ampersand’, probably a corrupted version of the Latin ‘and per se’.

    About ‘deactivating’ my Facebook account, it was becoming a bit too much. Not leaving much time for my reading, writing or grandchildren… But who knows! Maybe some day I’ll come back.

    Keep writing Rashmi. You write very well. And you’re getting better with each new Article.
    Once again, thank you very much for your very kind words.

    HS Rakhraj.



  4. I agree, while on this pls read my post on the Anti-Rape Law – http://wp.me/p1dZc2-d6
    Feedback and comments welcome.



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