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Death of Amritsar’s short story writer ……… N. S. Tasneem

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ON November 28, Shravan Kumar Varma breathed his last in Amritsar. His passing away at the age of 85 has suddenly brought to the mind that Amritsar can no more boast of having nurtured Urdu short story writers. During the early 1930s, Saadat Hasan Manto made his mark in Urdu fiction with his debut short story, ‘Tamasha’, that centred around a victim of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. On the footsteps of Manto, some writers contributed fictional works and poetic creations to Urdu literature in the decades to come.

It so happened that in the mid-1940s, some students wedded to Urdu literature got admission in Hindu College, Amritsar. Shravan Kumar Varma was among those. His first Urdu short story titled ‘Pardesi’ was published in the college magazine, ‘Shivala’. Incidentally, I was the student editor of the Urdu section of that magazine. Both of us, along with some other like-minded lovers of Urdu, such as Mohinder Bawa, Inder Kumar Sagar, Gopal Krishan and K.K. Razdan, were under the influence of Prof M.M. Mathur, who had also taught Urdu and Persian to Saadat Hasan Manto years ago.

In the days to come most of us left Amritsar, in search of new pastures, but Varma stuck to his guns. He settled permanently in Amritsar as a lawyer. During the course of six decades, he published some collections of short stories and a few novels. He was popular in the entire subcontinent, as his fiction had attracted readers both in India and Pakistan. Some of his works had been translated into Hindi and Punjabi, besides English. One of his short stories found place in ‘Select Urdu Best Stories’, published by Penguin.

He had been bestowed with the Shiromani Urdu Sahitkar Puraskar in 1993 by the Languages Department, Punjab. Thereafter some other awards sponsored by the literary organisations and Urdu academies followed, but he remained unmindful of all these honours. He was fully absorbed in creative literature, even while neglecting the duties of his profession. He was well versed in Urdu and Hindi, but he had a special niche in his heart for Punjabi. He had been the President of the Sahit Vichar Kendra for many years. Some of his Punjabi short stories were published in Punjabi monthly ‘Lau’ and Punjabi quarterly ‘Akhkhar’, brought out from Amritsar. The Editor, Parminderjit, a Punjabi poet in his own right, was instrumental in getting his Urdu short stories rendered into Punjabi.

Unluckily he remained confined to his bed for a long time due to one ailment or the other. He was hard up in those days but he considered it below his dignity to approach the authorities concerned for financial help. Still there is a feeling of grudge in the litterateurs that the Languages Department, Punjab did not come to his help suo moto while his plight had been mentioned in newspaper columns many times.

Some time ago I visited him at his place and found him, in the words of T.S. Eliot, ‘like a patient etherised upon a table’. Earlier I had found him composing short stories and poems while lying in his bed. He had in himself a reservoir of patience and confidence, full to the brim. Even now when the last Urdu story-teller in Amritsar has bidden us goodbye, something can be done to make life easy for his wife and two daughters. Unluckily, his young son had died a year ago, leaving the ailing father in dismay. He stifled his cry in the throat, and that prompted his death.


Their comment on the ‘STUNNING’ results of Parliamentary Elections-2009

win election 2009
Their comment on the Surprising STUNNING results of Parliamentary elections:

‘Singh still King’ —Hindustan Times

‘Bharat Shining, Congress smiling, Left Front Whining’— Swaminathan Ankleshwar Aiyar In Times of India

‘INCREDIBLE —- —-Indian Express

‘Singh fer King’ —-Punjabi Tribune

‘Haath’ ko fir Janta ka ‘Saath’—-Ajit Samachar

‘Congress-Finally a Free Hand’ —Economic Times

‘Natural born Leader’ (Dr Manmohan Singh) –Vinod Sharma Political editor HT

‘Congress Ka Rath Parliament Pauncha—Shaandaar Jeet’ —Hind Samachar Urdu

UPA ki ‘Sardari’ —-Punjab Kesari

‘Fortune favors the Brave’—-Vir Sanghavi in HT

‘Hands Down Win!’ —Shekhar Gupta Indian Express Editor

BJP Party Missed ‘AB Vajypayee’ —Rajnath Singh BJP president

‘Saata’ fir ‘Haath’ mein —Dainik Bhaskar

Wake Up call for the dream merchant (Sukhbir Badal )–Ramesh Vinayak, Resident Editor Hindustan Times
Congress ka ‘Karishma’ —Dainik Jagran

Follower or Leader (history will unravel the enigma that’s Manmohan Singh) —Karan Thapar In HT

It’s affirmation of a functioning democracy —-HK Dua Editor The Tribune

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