Lahore, the ancient, magnificent city is a wonder of sorts. It has braved the vicissitudes of history, the upheavals of pre-historic and modern times and above all it continues to shine despite the negligence of its current residents and administrators.
This blog will post stories of Lahore – its past, present and visions for its future in the vain hope that there are some who will read and think and then act…
Raza Rumi

Amritsar –the city of the Gurus is a classic example of traditions, unparalleled cultural and visual heritage despite it being in left to fend for itself by successive powers. It is the 6th most visited place among the World heritages sites and its people –the most hospitable. The caste and religious divides thrust upon its people have hardly had any permanent impact despite the tumultuous 80s of terrorism faced by it .
Having a chequered history, the city has borne the brunt of divisionary politics yet its people fought to remain united and choose to live in multi-cultural harmony. Neither politicians nor others have had the vision to tap its great potential in terms of heritage extraordinaire, its medical facilities, as an international gateway to trade or even its rare culinary delights. Many a times it lost out to nonentity regions owing to its geographical position. There would be no effort spared IN this WORDPRESS blog to explore the city’s hidden crevices and popular namesakes, its beauty and its dirt along with its rich history, traditions, culture, and its people …
Rashmi Talwar

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  1. song by rajiv sharma



  2. Really great work Rashmiji. Got to see your article in The Hindu today and thought of visiting your blog. I am impressed indeed.



  3. Posted by Dr Deepa Gupta on March 6, 2012 at 4:28 PM

    Dear Rashmi,
    I read the article highlighting your efforts in bonding the twin cities in THE HINDU yesterday…..and i thought of writing to you…
    I am in a strange way connected to both the cities….
    My maternal grandfather (nana) belonged to Lahore and studied at the Law College in Lahore….he was a topper during his time….then later he came to stay in Amritsar in a huge bunglow with a big joint family……my mother was 12 at the time of partition and has clear memories of those times….in fact my Nana even ran a school on Lawrence Road in Amritsar where they lived….it was called MODERN HAPPY SCHOOL….but at the time of partition they had to suddenly leave everything including Amritsar…..i do not know what happened to the school or to the house where they lived….I recently found a visiting card of the school in my mother’s old papers….i even put it on Facebook so someone could identify it…..but nothing came of it…..
    My mother very often talks about it and wonders what might have happened and how things are in Amritsar today…..I have not been able to visit the city but found a great connection through you and your blog…..
    I would like to stay connected and if you can provide me with any information on the same, i shall be very glad….

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  4. very good to know – where you are located in pakistan or india…
    well appreciated effort.



  5. 27 febbraio, 2009 alle 16:15:11beh dai io ci ho dato una sbirciatina a questi numeri e non mi sembrano male, cmq appena leggerò qualcosa saprò giudicare meglio XD (mai giudicare qualcosa dalla copertina sisi… u.u)(ps: da demente avevo scritto che la fiera di mantova è il 28 e 29 feo#iarb&b8230;. XD peccato che febbraio di quest’anno non abbia il 29 ¬_¬’ chiedo scusa per l’errore e mo ho corretto ^^ )



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