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~DROP~ By Rashmi Talwar

~DROP~ By Rashmi Talwar

On a grass blade I glisten
Whisper on the rocky slide
Still is my whistle
Brave, my plight !

Look! I am Flirting with a cloudy slice
Now ! Rocking on a mountain top
Its bristles push me just a slight
Oh! How I wriggle in delight !

Flirting with a tiny nose
I tickle the cheek bones first
Then down the mount just a bit
I gently glide over lips to kiss

Oh My Love! What a beauteous sight
Up above and sometimes low
Darling, I snuggle in petals tonight
Romancing the arc of a rainbow

Tis only the First Ray that makes me merge
Within the Sun, its light, and its unfolding urge…….By Rashmi Talwar

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