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Amritsar :”Tamashas” mark MP election-2009 in Holy City

Kon Kispe Kaanchi Chla Raha Hai ??

Kon Kispe Kaanchi Chla Raha Hai ??

:”Tamashbeeni” Amritsar Ishtyle !

Hey everyone …our Rajiv Sharma the talented newsreporter for Star Plus TV Channel has coined a beautiful Punjabi “tappa” . he pasted the comment in an entirely unrelated article to Election –2009 . However having powers of “extraction” I have posted his little piece . The little genius entertainer was a ‘shaan’ of our Tribune office in Amritsar.


By Rajiv Sharma

AA gayian votan, te lag gaye jhande….
Votan ch kharhe hoge sare gande bande….
Ajj votan lain layi, dinde ne sharab te mithayiyan..
kal ehna to hak len layi, khane pain ge police de dande….


poem by Rashmi Talwar

Sansadi chunav ke mahaul mein,
Jutton ki bauchar mein,
Naresh bhadhoria ne jutte mangvaay,
Pehna haar jutton ka,
Bola votron ko lootonga,
Meine kaha , jutti chor hoga
Kia sansad mein bhi, chori kare ga.

Fir aye Sham lal, Gandhi topi wale
Kettli haath mein, chai, chai pukare
Meiney bola, rail garri mein ja
Varna, sansad mein chai pila

Bal krishan ki ayi bari,
Lagane laga chappati karrari,
Haath pe pani fer ke, allu bhari
Bola security se , bhai pakrao gaddi niyari
Us par lagonga kulcha
Aur voteron pe makhan
sab ka maal khau ga
dunga sab ko dhakkan

haathi pe aya navjot sidhu
kiia capt ko sat sri akal
logon ne uthaya bawal
haathi pe beth kio kare, sat sri akal
meiney kaha ,bhejo issi circus mein
ya shaadi ke koi pandal

Is Congress-BJP Wedding answer to Peace in India ????

Congree-BJP wedding answer to peace in India

Congree-BJP wedding answer to peace in India

Instead of wasting Billions of Rupees on fighting each other, the two National Party Presidents should enter into a Matrimonial Relation for Peace in India …..Is it a good idea ?….. Comment …..

Why did Navjot Sidhu climb up an elephant to file his nomination papers for elections ??????????

There are some humorous replies to the question in my facebook account 

Haathi Merey Saathi :Navjot Sidhu

Haathi Merey Saathi :Navjot Sidhu

so i  included all those in this post

Vikram Uppal at 6:05pm April

his image was getting jittery

Lavi Behl at 8:01pm April

probably all other animals were on a strike…
 Mamta Jain at 8:58pm April
because a donkey cant sit on a donkey
 Alisha Talwar at 10:23pm April
cuz he was scared 2 get a chappal on his face!!!..lololololol..
Rashmi Talwar at 4:13pm
me thinks he was upstaging the maharaja and his army of soni et all
Rashmi Talwar at 4:15pm April 24

me also thinks there is still some humour left in the world …wat say navjot Sidhu of phookat laughter challenge ….non-laughable he will still laugh …lol




Parliamentary Elections 2009

Punjab‘s Political Heirs fight  


The two political families of Punjab where winning has become a matter of personal prestige more than a matter of  Public Service is likely to see  its toughest contest in the forthcoming Parliamentary elections of 2009 .

The rivalry between SAD President cum Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal and the Maharaja family of Capt Amarinder Singh leading the Congress’s poll campaign committee is legendry.

 It would also be a litmus test of popularity for Capt who had lost Assembly polls to his rival the Badals and family in 2007 while for (Bhartiya Janta Party/Shiromani Akali Dal)  BJP-SAD  ruling coalition,  is facing a wave of resentment from its urban voter on account of severe power shortage in the state,  denial of support to first sikh PM of India, as also the raw deal faced by farmers and industry.

For Sukhbir Badal the election would make or mar his future as the obvious heir to the ‘Badal Throne’ going by the results . although the BSP and other parties such as CPM, CPI , SAD(A) and other parties have floated their candidates some in coalition but they seem to be outmatched by the line-up of candidates declared by arch rivals Congress versus SAD-BJP

Rashmi Talwar would piece together the varied quotients in different parliamentary segments of the state out of which Patiala and Bathinda top the chart.  

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“German expert” takes workshop with Special children

  DAV Red Cross School for Special ChildrenBy Rashmi Talwar

“It was amazing to watch Christa Drack   a – ‘hearing impaired’, form an immediate rapport with the students of DAV Red Cross School for physically and mentally challenged . The faculty and students formed an instant bond that gave a remarkable start to the workshop conducted by Drack.Christa Drack looks on as principal Neera Sharma tries to comminicate with a special child

 The DAV management had invited

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Jatta Ayi Baisakhi !!!”91st Anniversary of Bloody Baisakhi of Jallianwala bagh


By Rashmi Talwar

Baisakhi is special to undivided Punjab, ushering the start of the golden harvest of ripened Rabi crop and spelling Prosperity for the hard-working Punjabi farmer.

 Legend has it …That so sacred was this festival and so auspicious this day for the mostly agrarian community of the state that is often referred to as the –’food basket’ of the country– that children born were given their first sip of water-or ‘amrit’—nectar of life –on this day. So a child born a day or two after Baisakhi had to wait for the next Baisakhi to wet his lips from the holy sarovar of the Golden Temple!…In some villages of Punjab  the practice still carries on …

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ShOULd journalists be allowed to take their shoes in PRESS CONFERENCES ?????/ ……..comment

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